We cater the dinner and hire a florist. We use a decorator and commission a tailor. After all that work and planning, the day comes and we serve our guests whatever generic alcohol selection is provided. Well not anymore Alibis. The days of mediocre are over with the AlibiOnSite!

 The AlibiOnSite is our newest endeavour wherein we bring the wonders, excitement and quality craftsmanship of The Alibi Room directly to you. Whether it’s a special birthday or milestone celebration at home, a client wine and dine at the office, a swanky summer dock party, the grand opening of a new dream or any other place friends and family gather. The Alibi Room’s unique liquor licence allows us the ability to be on site, to provide our exceptional cocktailing services and best of all, take all the liabilities and risks of providing responsible alcohol service to your guests. We can help you to plan your event step by step with customized menus themed to your hearts desire, custom pairing of flavours or spirits with any food catering options, as well as providing a broad range of products from beers and bar rail to wine and exclusive rarities. With The Alibi@home customization is key and to which there are no limits!

We specialize in but not limited to:

Please tell us about your event and how The Alibi Room can use our magic to make it unforgettable!